‚Äč1850 - Tom Lockwood establishes a hunting camp on the west bank Petaluma Creek

1852 - Petaluma House, owned by Samuel Terrill, was the first of several hotels to open.

1852 - The Red Jacket is the first steamboat to dock at Petaluma.

1854 - The first stage stop between Petaluma and Sonoma is established by Robertson and Parsons.

1855 - The first newspaper, the Petaluma Journal and Sonoma Advertiser is published.

1858 - Petaluma is incorporated as a chartered city of California on April 28th.

1861 - Petaluma makes its first attempt to take the County Seat away from Santa Rosa.

1863 - The first gas works is built by Peter Donahue at the foot of D Street.

1864 - The Petaluma & Haystack railroad is opened.

1865 - The first bank between San Francisco and Oregon is established by Mr. Isaac 
            Wickersham on Main Street.

1867 - The first annual exhibition of the Sonoma County Agricultural Society opens
            at the Fairgrounds on September 26th.

1870 - Inaugural excursion of the Sonoma County Railroad hosted by Peter Donahue.

1873 - A school for the separate instruction of colored children is presided over by Miss Louisa M. Dixon, also colored.

1877 - The Historical Atlas of Sonoma County, the first county history is published by
            Robert A. Thompson.

1879 - The Petaluma Incubator is invented by Mr. Lyman Byce and his associates.

1904 - The first spike for the Petaluma & Santa Rosa Railroad is driven on Copeland
            Street at the Steamer Gold wharf.

1911 - The first airmail flight, sanctioned by a local post office, between Petaluma and
            Santa Rosa is piloted by Fred J. Wiseman.

1918 - Petaluma is proclaimed The Egg Basket of the World by Bert Kerrigan.

1923 - The world's only institution for the study and treatment of avian pathology -
            the Chicken Pharmacy - is opened on Main Street by J. E. Keyes.

1925 - The Jewish Community Center is established.

1956 - The freeway enters Petaluma.

1987 - Optilink, founded by Mr. Don Green, is the first Telecom Valley corporation 
            to locate in Petaluma.