Edward Spaulding Lippett and his wife
Sarah left Connecticut and came to
Petaluma in 1863.
He became Petaluma's first Superintendent
of Schools.  In 1867 he built a private
academy at 625 D Street.  That enterprise
failed and he lost his entire investment, so
he returned to his law practice. The build-
ing was purchased by the Petaluma School
Board for a high school. 

Mr. Lippett came out strongly for educating
males and females together, something not
common in those days.  He also served as Petaluma's
city attorney. 

In 1874 when the San Francisco and North Pacific Railway was being built he was appointed chief counsel.  He preached at the Petaluma Congregational Church and the Methodist Episcopal Church.  After President Lincoln's death he delivered a powerful eulogy.